Our tennis academy is made for upcoming men and women tennis players who aim to reach the highest professional level. Professional players who want to progress on the international tour are welcomed as well. This Performance Tennis Centre, that was created in 2005, provides an innovative pedagogy, ensure a regular tournament supervision and individual academic support.

In 2020, there were 9 out of 14 players with at least a “classement négatif” in France, which means at least national level. Therefore, our academy has one of the highest levels in France. Many of them are playing on the international ITF and ITF junior Circuits. Arthur Bouquier, 19 years old (-15 in France) has already beaten 4 players ranked about 500 in the world (ATP) and 10 players of the top 100 in France. Nina Radovanovic, 16 years old (-15, she went up from 0 to -15 within a year) and is currently Number 3 of her age category in France.

« If you have a real project, you want to achieve your dreams and grow up as a person, contact us! »

Nina during a training with a coach of the Performance Tennis Centre
at ITF Junior Tournament Grade 2 in Santo Domingo in March 2020

Since the beginning of the season 2019/2020, our strong will to reach the highest level pushed us to make a major shift in our structure. In addition to the technical and physical work, we wanted to integrate the mental part in our training. For this purpose, we hired a full-time professional mental coach. We assume that body, technique and mind are continuously connected. As a matter of fact, technique is obviously linked to the body. And the body can be influenced by emotions. So, technique can be influenced by emotions. Therefore, it sounds logical to take it into account in order to improve our game. Every coach of our academy has been trained in a pedagogy that includes the mental part in the training sessions (Soyez P.R.O.).

« With a participative approach, that assumes that every player is unique, we provide customized solutions so that everyone develops his potential the most natural way »

Tournaments supervision is also one of the big strengths of our Performance Tennis Centre. Indeed, every coach ensures support and supervision of the players on the ITF and ITF Junior tournaments in France and worldwide, which requires a high degree of flexibility, adaptability and reactivity.

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Medical care: The Performance Centre works in close cooperation with Professor Fabrice Michel, supervisor of the sport-medical plateau of Besançon and specialist of muscular exploring. An osteopath (Julien Meyer) comes once a week as preventive in order to stretch and massage our players.

We speak French, English, German and Italian (the academic support is only in French though).